Collection: Allergy & Intolerances

Experiencing bloating, IBS, or fatigue after meals? Perhaps you have allergy-like symptoms you’re looking to understand?

Uncover hidden allergies or food intolerances that might be impacting your daily life. Our range of accredited allergy and food intolerance tests provide you with comprehensive results giving you information on how to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

With just a small sample using the latest bloodspot technology from our UKCA and CE registered kit, you could have the answers you need to make life-changing adjustments within 3-5 business days.

This Worldwide best-selling range of tests is exclusively available and includes the one-sample combined Allergy and Intolerance test! 

What Our Clients Say!

  • We have purchased various test kits for my family. My wife Kelly used the Menopause kit, which was really easy to use and helped her finally get an doctor’s appointment for further tests and investigation.


    Verified Customer

  • I got the Vit D kits for my kids and discovered that one of them was actually deficient in vitamin D. They are currently on additional supplements. I also did the Liver kit for myself and it indicated a high urine PH. I had some symptoms but was worried to go to doctors. This test helped me overcome my worry and the doctor confirmed an infection. I’m currently on antibiotics, so hopefully will be fit again soon!


    Verified Customer

  • I took my test results to my doctor who immediately sent me for a FBC and confirmed my iron deficiency was once again an issue. I’ve been on my iron supplements for 2 weeks now and I feel so much better.I am so grateful for these affordable first-step tests!


    Verified Customer

  • I purchased the Persistent Inflammation Test to see whether it would confirm my problems. The kit arrived in a timely manner as per their promise. To my surprise the test confirmed my problems. I am grateful and can highly recommend the product. I will try their other tests very soon. Thank you and keep up the good work!!


    Verified Customer