Control your health from home with Healthier
Healthier offers cost-effective validated laboratory and at-home tests that empower you from the comfort and convenience of your own home. We believe modern healthcare starts with individuals becoming proactive about their health by testing and monitoring. 

Healthier offers quality and accurate health tests that can be used to provide peace of mind, monitor performance or to start further investigation with your doctor. Our team of experts ensure our products and services meet best-in-class science and rigorously validated testing methods. 


Clinically Validated Tests
All tests are clinically validated against industry standards and collection methods. We also compare testing against other types of collection methods to ensure results align.


Clinical Expertise
Our laboratory and scientific team are comprised of an experienced expert team from various fields of biomedical science. 

Certified Laboratories 
Our own purpose-built Category 2 (CL2) labs are ISO 9001:2015 accredited ensuring quality management systems.  

Validated self-collection and at-home tests
The self-sample collection methods and at-home tests have been clinically validated against other proprietary methods and tests to meet rigorous standards for test accuracy and reliability. 

We use dried blood spot (DBS) testing for many of our laboratory tests, whole blood lateral flow, mid-flow urine and stool samples for our at-home health tests. All are established collection methods validated by both our manufacturers and our internal validations. 

Clinical research and partnerships
At Healthier, our primary focus is empowering individuals with the information they need for a healthier life. We perform our own clinical studies to provide scientific evidence in the field of at-home and self-sample lab testing by working with our manufacturing partners and our in-house scientific team. Our research programs revolve around health monitoring, allergy and food intolerance and nutrition. The application of our results and data are then used to inform consumers, regulators and industry bodies to further meet our company goal of making everyone Healthier.

Your data protection
Your health and personal information are important to us and private to you. We never sell our customers' data. We use state-of-the-art encryption and storage to ensure data security. Your information is only shared with the labs, customer service and professional services that are part of our testing process. We are ICO registered and compliant meeting data protection regulatory requirements throughout the world.

Get results you can use to get Healthier
All Healthier tests give you information personal to you empowering you to take control or monitor your own health. Laboratory results can be used to provide your doctor with health information to better diagnose you and our at-home health tests offer you the opportunity to point a medical practitioner in the right direction. Consulting your doctor or medical provider regarding your results is an essential part of owning your health.