Top Health Must-Haves This Black Friday

Top Health Must-Haves This Black Friday

Are you getting prepared for a spectacular shopping weekend? Many just like you are also starting to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why not take a moment to learn how to pick out the best gifts for those on your holiday shopping list? Gifts they’ll use as something other than dust collectors? Below, we’ll show you thoughtful Black Friday gift ideas with a healthy twist that special someone will truly appreciate getting. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Why give someone health?

It may sound strange to give someone a gift to do with their health since gifts are supposed to be, well, fun. However, healthy gifts don’t need to be boring or negative. These days, there are all sorts of wonderful gifts that you can get for someone who wants to prioritise their health yet still enjoy a fun gift at the same time. But we’ll get to those shortly. Let’s start with the “why” first.

First, consider why you should take this approach with your gift-giving. Realistically speaking, giving someone the gift of health (through whatever items you can) is an underrated and heartfelt compliment. It‘s a wonderful and memorable way to show that you care about their well-being and future.

Since a health-related gift should be personalised to the recipient, however, you’ll want to shop carefully to get just the right thing. The more special it is for that person in your life, the more it will mean to them!

Top health-related gifts

Top health-related gifts

Below is some inspiration to get you started on your search for every health-conscious person in your world.

Menopause testing

For women who wonder if they’ve entered this change of life, private and quick results from at-home menopause testing can bring relief. They can also bring a plan for the future as far as visiting your GP with the results that you get.

Prostate testing

It’s never too early to check on your prostate health. If testing is hard to access, gifting prostate testing to a loved one is a great way to show him you care and also put testing is his own hands. Putting him in charge of his own health is a thoughtful gift in and of itself.

Thyroid testing

Having an underactive or overactive thyroid is very common, especially as the years pass in life. You can keep an eye on it by getting thyroid testing for yourself and the whole family so that you know when something needs to be addressed.

Liver testing

For those with liver health issues running in the family, understanding liver health is important on a regular basis. If your GP cannot schedule you for regular testing, you can consider online liver testing at your own convenience for peace of mind!

Kidney testing

Proper kidney function helps keep our bodies free from toxin buildup and more. You can access kidney testing to keep a close eye on your kidney health and its levels. The earlier you spot a potential problem, the better it will be!

Chronic inflammation testing

Every person alive deals with some sort of inflammation in their life. However, some have a problem with the frequency and severity of it. If you want to get to the bottom of the problem, chronic inflammation testing is a great at-home test to help you see the levels in real time so that you can schedule an appointment with a specialist who can help.

Iron deficiency testing

Anaemia and iron deficiency can be debilitating in daily life. Do you have someone in your life who is struggling to understand what’s going on? Iron deficiency testing can help give clear data-specific answers to seemingly strange symptoms.

Vitamin D testing

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you know the importance of Vitamin D supplementation. However, it’s also a great idea for many people who do not suffer from SAD. If you want to know what our levels are, Vitamin D testing can help you know whether you need to consider a supplement or not!

For those who want to prioritise mental health

Health is more than just physical health, of course. If you want to help out that person in your life who struggles with mental health- or wants to prioritise it- there are gifts for them, too. One of the most innovative ones is a card set that helps the user through a mental health crisis or emergency. A great choice for those prone to anxiety or panic attacks, this can help make a challenging moment much easier.

The gift that keeps on giving

If you choose to shop for Black Friday gift ideas with a healthy twist, then it is something that someone can enjoy every moment of each day for the rest of their lives. It sounds dramatic, sure, but it is accurate. The gift of health is essentially the gift of a better life. More and more people are opting for self-testing as opposed to clinic testing, too, since it’s based on your own availability rather than a GP or clinic.

If you are ready to get out there and start shopping, use this advice to help you find a healthier holiday season for those you love and even for yourself. After all, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get something special for yourself, too, right?

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