Christmas Wellness Baskets: Curate Healthy Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

Christmas Wellness Baskets: Curate Healthy Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

Are you shopping for someone this season and want to get them something they’ll cherish for a long time to come? If so, you’ll find that a lot of choice makes it hard to determine just what to get. One popular area is gift sets that you can tailor to the person for whom you’re shopping. Healthy gift sets are great choices if you have health-conscious loved ones, in particular. But how do you choose the right one? What should you focus on in your search? We’ve got all that and more below!

What is health screening?

Testing kits contain screening tests that help users determine if they show any risk factors for different health conditions. While these tests alone can’t diagnose a health problem, testing abnormally can lead users to book an appointment with their GP and get further details about what is happening. Giving a health testing kit to someone you love is like a “radar” for potential underlying health conditions they otherwise might not have been aware of.

Why does health screening matter?

We understand if you feel skeptical. After all, having a mail-in testing kit isn’t conventional regarding holiday gifts. But it’s one of the most important gifts you can consider giving to someone you love. The results could help that person know they have a potential health problem and seek further help.

The kit’s results can lead a GP to diagnose that health problem sooner than they would have otherwise, which means an easier treatment for your loved one. Screening is intended to alert someone to an issue before its symptoms start. It’s like a preview of their health-related future!

What are the best testing kits?

Christmas Gifts For The Health Minded

There are a lot of different healthy gift sets that you can consider for a special someone in your life. Sometimes, the best part is choosing what kind of combination you want to get. A lot is going to depend on who you’re shopping for. We’ve put together a few options to choose from below!

A health set for couples

If you have a health-conscious couple in your life, you can do a “his and hers” set for health testing! Two great choices are menopause testing and prostate testing. This set is particularly a good idea if this couple is at the age where those screening tests are recommended for long-term health and comfort.

For the cancer-conscious household

Most of us know someone who has cancer these days. Many households take a very preventive approach to cancer simply to do their part in preventing it as much as possible. For that family specifically, you can consider both an ovarian cancer testing kit and a colon cancer testing kit. Both of these cancers can be challenging to diagnose, and the earlier they are detected, the better! These are great for adults, young and old.

For those who track vitamins and minerals

Do you have someone on your list who loves calorie counting and tracking their minerals, protein, etc.? If so, you could consider a test for vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency. These are common issues in our modern diets, and the information from these tests can help someone better their nutrition profile for a stronger body and better health.

Holiday shopping is about the important things

Instead of getting someone yet another pair of socks or a book, you can rely on these healthy gift sets to provide them with a gift of health. It is a great alternative that will go the extra mile for them. And you know what the best part is? You can still combine a health-oriented gift with a more conventional gift!

For example, you can combine a physical health kit with a mental health-focused gift, such as a colouring book or a spa package.

No rule says you can only get one thing, after all! Statistically, 1 in 4 people in the UK will struggle with their mental health in the run of a year. So, taking mental health as seriously as physical health is only a good thing. The other thing is that our mental health is proven to influence our physical health, so there is only positivity to be had with prioritising both.

There are a lot of ways that you can choose to be generous this season. If you want to make the most of that generosity, consider focusing on health-oriented gifts for every person in your life. It isn’t hard; it can make a difference in preventative care and show that person how much you love them! Check out our range of tests here!

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